The Walk..

    No this blogpost is a not a review of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s movie (maybe it was inspired by it).

    Last August I took part in Exposure+, and I came up with a photo project called The Rat Race.

    Details here:

    Not only was this project very personal to me, it also inspired me to pursue my passion, photography. Yes, I resigned.

    It’s been 2 Months now since I have resigned my job as an engineer. I got a shocker when I looked at the calendar, 60 days? Two months? How did you even survive this long vinoth?

    How has it been so far? Well, it has its ups and downs, but the best part of this would be the support I got from my family and friends. Without them I don’t think i would have lasted a month. Thank you guys! You know who you are!

    Well going into my 3rd month now, I was thinking about working on a short term project. Was looking at ways that could improve my story telling. And then one night after a game of futsal and two "TEH AIS” past midnight, insomnia kicked along with an idea. Was thinking to myself, what was one of the reasons that I didn’t like about the RAT RACE?

    The travelling, therefore I decided that I should pretend like I was going to work, retrace my steps, but this time I would bring my ever faithful camera attached with a 50mm prime on it. My journey started at 615am when I left my house and ended around 10am when I got back to my house. I had to leave to Kelana Jaya station early to get a parking spot within the LRT compound. Took a train from there and travelled all the way to Ampang Park. Walked around jalan ampang, jalan Tun Razak, and Jalan Binjai. Met some ex colleagues, and then I decided to call it a day. I was actully surprised with the outcome and realized that I had so much to see compared to when I was traveling in the train for work, back then I only stared at my phone.

    Below are some of the images that I took while going on that journey..

    This here is the walk (me quitting my job)..and hopefully after a year from now I could write something about the talk..

    And I could finally say..

    I walked the talk..

    Pun intended.