Reflections (Warning this is a long post)..

    Eight Months! That's how long it's been since I quit my 9-5 job. The 6th month was my first milestone, and it flew by in the blink of an eye. How do i feel at this juncture?


    It'll be hard to go back to a 9-5 job after this. But, let's see what the future holds at my 12th month milestone. There are definitely pros and cons when it comes to doing something that you love and are passionate about.


    - I love what I do, and I'm happy. It hasn't felt like work to me, and that, at times does stress me out. Sometimes when I think back at the end of a day, I feel like I haven't done any 'work'. But then later realize I've actually worked on a lot of photos and correspondences with clients. haha

    - Loving the fact that I can manage my own time.

    - Able to stay healthy; less stress about work, and with proper diet and exercise my fat percentage has dropped (from 25% to 19% now :D)

    - Meeting new people and networking (no, sometimes it's not work related).

    - Inspiring people. Receiving heartwarming emails from people around the world who have been inspired by my work. I'm definitely a believer of inspire to be inspired.


    - I do miss the security of a steady income at times. There are always highs and lows when you're in this line of work. Just have to be prepared for rainy days.

    - Learnt managing client's expectation the hard way. The learning curve on this side of the wall is not progressive, it can be steep as a mountain or at times deep as a valley!

    - Not much time to work on personal projects. To sustain creative juices, I need to explore and try different things every now and then to excite my brain.




    Since I complained about not having time to work on my personal projects, I finally decided to make some time for it. Whilst running through my previous underwater work with Karthine, she had an idea. "Why not get Harmini to do an underwater shoot with you? She loves being a mermaid and would definitely be able to pull off some poses!"

    Shooting underwater and especially in a swimming pool is definitely one hell of a challenging task. I never knew that even the amount of chlorine in the water could affect the outcome of the photos. This was technically my third attempt shooting underwater. We were blessed that we had access to a pool that had darker tiles, lesser chlorine, and beautiful weather. I've also learnt that it's comparatively easier for a photographer to take the photos underwater versus posing underwater as a model (or subject). Must say Karthine was right, Harmini nailed it and I got to shoot a mermaid underwater!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for my next shoot before I return the camera to Huda! You know who you are :D

    Oh yes! I definitely need to credit a few awesome people here:

    - Huda: Thank you for lending me your gear! These would have been impossible without your gear.

    - Shah: Thank you for the beautiful pool! (ps: check out shah's work @lightshowphotography)

    - Vemaleesan: For teaching me how to sink and be comfortable underwater :D

    - Harmini: For agreeing to be my guinea pig underwater (ps: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!)

    - Kartine: For the awesome idea!

    Ok, enough reflections, I shall let the photos speak for themselves.