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Garden themed Indian wedding in Cameron Highlands

"You know, my mum has always wished they served home cooked food at weddings, that's why we're having home cooked food for our wedding. Our lunch menu is curated according to what our family likes. My uncle likes spinach curry, my aunt likes chicken 65.. We want our wedding to be different.." Jey went on explaining her wedding menu to me.

And different it was.

The ecstatic energy at their wedding was all because of their planning. Keyword here is different, they did not conform to the norm.

Their series of events started off with everyone taking part in a J&J version of Amazing Race. Family and friends from both sides were mixed into groups to break the ice. Followed by a beautiful reception dinner that kept everyone's energy levels high and building a strong bond with each other.

The next morning, lit by the warmth of the sun, shower of flowers, smiles and blessings, they tied the knot.

I'm glad I do what I do at times like this!


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