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Intimate Wedding in Sentul Depot

It took them 693 days,

3 venues,

5 dates,

2 Postponements,

to finally get here.

I vaguely remember it being a Monday, we met at a cafe to discuss the wedding, coming weekend. And on Wednesday, the government decided to go into a lockdown. This was their second postponement.

I felt bad, I remember how excited Eileen was when we first met, two years ago. Explaining to me in detail how she wanted her big day to be. Now, with this, the excitement died down.

And when it came to the actual day, when I walked into their room that morning. Eileen goes, "Vinoth, guess what happened?". In my head, "It's your wedding day, what else can happen?"

She goes on saying "We've got 15 missing tables, our celebrant got sick, and the wedding cake was lopsided a couple of days ago. Good things comes in three". This was said with a smile on her face. My heart dropped again. I wondered how these managed to hold it all together.

Fast forward a couple of hours later, I documented a gorgeous intimate wedding in Sentul Depot.

Guess there's always light at the end of the tunnel!

Wedding planner: Peak Experience

Wedding Dress: Dentelle

Wedding Venue: Sentul Depot

Makeup Artist: Justine

Calligraphy: Owl&Quill


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