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Love is the religion

Driving to the gym today, I experienced 10 act of kindness within the span of 15 minutes. Cars giving me way in traffic during rush hour, a random person feeding a stray cat some McDonalds he just bought, this couple holding the lift for me, a random lady opening the gym door for me and more. These things might sound small and petty to some, but I am grateful to experience this.

That's the reason why I love Malaysia.

Cause the guy that gave me way was Chinese..

That person feeding the cat was an Indian..

Lady opening the door for me was a Malay..

Every now and then we get divided by race and religion. We tend to lose track of who we actually are. And at times the division isn't by race alone, but religion comes into play.

That's when I was reminded of all of the inter-religion weddings that I've shot. Let Kujo's wedding show you that Love is the religion.

Before I forget;

Happy Valentines Day folks!


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