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Mountains of Solitude

Quiet moments, the moments between me, and me. As a creative, I used to spend most of my time in my head, talking to myself. There are times when these conversations make sense and times they don't. At times, when I try articulating some of these thoughts to someone, it somehow gets lost in translation and I then tend to keep it to myself. I used to get annoyed when the person I tried explaining it to didn’t understand me. My thoughts moved so fast at times that it felt like I'd already explained to them what I wanted to express, but in fact, the words had never left my mouth. But things are changing now, I'm able to articulate better, I'm able to express myself. Perhaps it's because things are slowing down and I’m embracing every chance I get to be with myself in these quiet moments, the moments between me, and me. These images were captured during my travels as a destination wedding photographer and when I was in solitude with these landscapes. The moments between, me and me. ps: Prints of these images are for sale, if you're interested, drop me a message here.


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