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New year, new you, new me..

And so 2017 is upon us! By now, everyone’s settling into the new year and back to the grind.. work.. resolutions.. gym (:P)

I’m just happy I made it to my first year milestone of being a professional photographer!


A year ago, I embraced the unknown, took the plunge and have not looked back. Personally, this is the second best decision I’ve ever made in my life, first being; when I got down on my knee to propose to my wife (this better get me some brownie points :P).

I’m often asked, what’s my favourite photo-shoot of all, but I have to say I’ve been blessed to have learned and enjoy every shoot with all my clients. But if I had to pick one shoot that took me by surprise, I would pick Jessy's maternity/family shoot.

Why? Because I felt so much a part of this family, documenting their journey through three different phases of Jessy’s pregnancy, and I witnessed first hand the beautiful emotions radiating from each family member.

When we shot the outdoors, their family bond was imminent and strong. The doting husband-father, the loving wife-mother, the curious and cheeky Katelynn, all laced with non-stop laughter and snacks (bribes) for days!

When I was waiting with Eric in the hospital for baby Ashlynn to be delivered. I saw an excited yet anxious dad. He was so happy that he could not hold back his smile, smiling ear to ear waiting to hear Ashlynn had arrived. I saw a happy yet hesitant big sister. Not sure what to expect, and not sure if she was ready to take on the role of big sister. But when Ashlynn arrived and they gathered as one, their renewed strength and love as a family was heartwarming and apparent to all.

And when we shot at their new home, baby Ashlynn had grown so much in just a matter of weeks! Proud parents Eric & Jessy, content and at peace with their beautiful girls in their newfound home. Katelynn had no more fear or doubt, she loves her sister to bits!

Most importantly, I learnt from the Thams that a beautiful home, starts with an open and giving heart.

Congratulations once again, Jessy & Eric on the arrival of your new princess, Ashlynn and we can’t wait to see these beautiful girls flourish in life.


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