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Of Tequilas & Diamonds..

I searched google on how I should start my first ever blog post, and discovered a recommendation that I should start with an "unbelievable fact", hence:

Did you know that scientists in Mexico are able to turn tequila into diamonds?

Well neither did I...

So much has happened these past few weeks. But I'd like to focus on my experience with Exposure+, where my work was exhibited with many other talented photographers. It is a photography mentorship programme where a mentor assists and guide the photographer in identifying stories, ideas or concepts that can be executed into a photography project, through to editing, sequencing and ultimately, creating a visually flowing and personally satisfying photo project for an exhibition.

My photo project was about The Rat Race and my interpretation of it. Many who saw my work told me they connected with my photos. They understood what I was ​trying to convey and felt similar to how I felt.

Without going into the philosophical details, Exposure+ has helped me to grow as a photographer and the project i worked on changed my perspective about life in many ways. What has happened since the exhibition, will be a story for another day, or another blog post :)

So here it is, my first ever blog post and hopefully many more to come. I will try my best to post at least once a month (if time permits). I'd like to share more about my experiences during wedding coverage, post-editing process, and things I've learnt along the way.

Watch this space for more to come :)

You can find Rat Race in the link below:

For more info on exposure+:


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