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Rustic Church Wedding, Caserta, Italy.

Ottavio and Preeta's wedding took place in a beautiful medieval church in Caserta, Italy. It was a thousand year old church, at the top of a hill overlooking the city of Caserta, surrounded by luscious green. It reminded me of castles you read about in fairytales. I even overheard some guests mention that the church reminded them of Game of Thrones. Perhaps the House of Stark?

Enough rambling about GoT, here’s a sneak peak of Ottavio and Preeta’s dreamy day.

A big thank you to Ottavio and Preeta for having us there! And an even bigger thank you to our generous Napoli friends, your hospitality is beyond words! 'Til we meet again, CIAO!

Aizz, aizz, aizz,

A cala, a cala, a cala,

Accost, accost, accost

A salut’ vostra! (",)


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